Modern Room Acoustics – Practical Sound Improvements in Large and Small Rooms


We live our lives immersed in a sea of sound but most of us are not aware of how destructively our rooms can affect the quality of what we hear. Modern Room Acoustics makes sound problems and solutions easier to understand for both professionals and consumers. It shows common issues caused by room acoustics and outlines the best current choices for improving them while observing the constraints of time, money and practicality. By dividing room acoustics into two simple categories – “less noise” (soundproofing) and “better sound” (room treatments) – this book offers clearer explanations for both.

Modern Room Acoustics presents current research (including the author’s) on acoustical issues in rooms and current acoustical-product solutions. The author’s experience as a musician, recording engineer, acoustical consultant and designer of critical-listening rooms makes this book relevant for anyone dealing with problematic sound spaces.

Essential reading for:

  • Recording engineers, recording studio owners and pro-audio design consultants;
  • High-end stereo listening room owners;
  • Home theater owners, AV consultants and designers;
  • Musicians;
  • Residential and commercial architects and designers;
  • Schools offering sound, music, and/or acoustics in their curriculum

Key features/benefits:

Modern Room Acoustics provides:

  • Scientific information combined with practical experience for improving sound in rooms;
  • Both Overviews (summaries) and Details (deeper dives) offered for important sections;
  • “Less noise” (soundproofing) and “better sound” (room treatment) choices for making critical acoustical decisions;
  • Essential information for recording, high-end stereo listening, home theaters, offices and other critical sound environments;
  • Effective and easy-to-understand solutions for improving the quality of sound in nearly any space.

Author Bio:

John Calder has more than four decades of professional sound experience. He currently serves as Director of Retail Sales for Acoustic Geometry. Professional credits include musician (drums), recording engineer, studio owner, sound designer (theater, film and video), post-production audio mixer (Frontline – Peabody Award), product inventor/developer, recording and acoustics instructor, marketing director, acoustical consultant/designer, and video producer. Creative credits include Neil Diamond (RIAA Platinum Record), The Band, Joe Cocker, Umberto Balsamo (Italian Gold Record), Cornell University, MN Zoo (AZA Top Honors Award), MN History Center (Muse Award), and the MN Science Museum. He has created a range of informative and entertaining videos for the Acoustic Geometry YouTube Channel with over 3-1/2 million views.


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Modern Room Acoustics (Book)