Acoustic Geometry’s CornerSorber is a corner-placement bass absorber utilizing a Mass-Loaded Vinyl (MLV) absorption membrane in a cutting-edge design that mitigates low-frequency room modes for the most accurate sound reproduction in a room.

The CornerSorber is the only laboratory-proven bass absorber design that achieves maximum pressure-zone room-mode reduction due to close-corner placement. The uniquely-shaped bass absorber is beveled on two sides and the top, allowing a pair of CornerSorbers to be set up three inches from, and parallel with, each corner wall, either vertically or horizontally, for the most efficient and effective reduction of low-frequency room-mode pressure waves.

In developing the CornerSorber, our design goal was to build an affordable, easy-to-use solution that would realistically reduce destructive low-frequency room modes. We wanted to avoid claiming product attributes that were not accurately tested in large enough facilities or with real-use positioning. We tested the CornerSorbers at NWAA Labs because their test chamber is the largest in the U.S., and accurately measures absorption down to 40Hz (per ASTM C423-09a). We also tested the products in their real-use mounting configuration, which is deep into ninety-degree corners. The test results prove that this close-corner location makes the CornerSorber a very efficient and effective low-frequency absorber.

CornerSobers in Oak Painted Black (standard) are priced at $999.99 per PAIR (plus shipping), or wrapped on any of our fabric options are priced at $1399.99 and are available through our retail dealers and direct from our online store. If fabric wrapped is desired option, please let us know what fabric style and color desired in the “Notes” section on the checkout page before submitting order.


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Weight 26 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 42 × 22 in


Product Type

Absorber, Featured Products

Product Use

Easy Install, Home Theater, Multi-Media & Rec Room


Oak Painted Black (Standard), Fabric Wrap


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Height 42
Width 22
Depth 6
MSRP 999.99
CornerSorber Bass Absorbers


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